Well I'm Katharine and I'm a fine art major at RIT, a nanny, a Bristol Mountain Ski Instructor, and a watercolor addict. The original inspiration for much of my work came from stumbling accross the "zymoglyphic museum" at www.zymoglyphic.org. In my AP Studio concentration I wanted to use anatomical and organic subjects to depict my theme of "time" inspired much by the french independent film "Cashback."
"Sometimes love is hiding between the seconds of our lives, we just have to look closer to see it"
So i got a hold of an old bio skeleton, a dead bird, some bones, and some paint... and this happened.
This portfolio recieved a gold key in Scholastic Art and several of the individual pieces recieved silver and gold keys. (see captions)

Email me or give me a call, I love to hear feedback and almost everything is price upon request unless marked otherwise.